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Cadbury World 2011

On Wednesday 14th December 2011, 62 year 7 pupils went to Cadbury World in Birmingham.  We all arrived at the school at 7:45 ready for the long two and a half hour journey there, but it was worth it!  When we arrived in Bournville, at the factory we were all greeted by the stunning smell of chocolate and a free Crunchie and Chocolate Buttons.  As we all looked into the Cadbury’s shop we got invited into the “Aztec Jungle” where we learnt about how cocoa beans were found.  We walked through into the “Journey to Europe” where we all watched a 3D video about how the drink Hot Chocolate was found.  After this we carried on into “Bull Street” where there was full scale replica of where John Cadbury opened his first shop in 1824.


As we walked on we sat down to listen to how John Cadbury and his family started the Cadbury’s business away from the city in Bournville. Cadbury’s were the first company to treat their workers fairly.  Then we walked in to see how chocolate was made but with a few surprises!  We sat down on long benches which shook, produced air and made noises!  After the tour we walked into the “Manufacturing Room”.  This showed you how Cadbury’s make Roses, Crunchies and Easter Eggs.  Next we walked to the “Packaging Factory” to look at all the different machines packaging the chocolate.  As we walked through, we watched a short video about packaging and got another free bar of Spots v Stripes chocolate!  As we got to the end of this we came across a ride called “Cadabra” where it was four to a Beanmobile through a gentle ride full of chocolate and cocoa beans. Half way through we had our photo taken by a cocoa bean which we could buy later.


Once we got off we went to the “Demonstration Area” where we got handed a pot of melted chocolate!  We watched Cadbury’s workers fill moulds with chocolate, make Roses and more!  We also got to write out names in melted chocolate.  After this we were still not finished!  We next went to “Advertising Avenue” were we saw all the Cadbury’s adverts from the past and present.  Now we went to “Purple Planet” where it was games, games and more games! We grew our own virtual cocoa tree, stood under raining chocolate buttons, squashed Cadbury’s chocolate, looked at all the different Cadbury’s products and made ourselves out of chocolate!  Next the “World’s biggest Cadbury’s shop”!  


We all bought millions of chocolate bars, badges, cups, mugs, boxes of chocolate and loads more!  After this we stopped for lunch but none of us were that hungry after eating so much chocolate!  After lunch we played on the massive play area but not for long, we still hadn’t finished our trip.  Now we entered “Essence”. In “Essence” we all learnt about how Dairy Milk was discovered, named and made but the best bit was still to come; right at the end of the talk, we all got to make our own new chocolate!  We each had a cup full of melted chocolate and there were many toppings to choose from: marshmallows, biscuit, rice krispies, wine gums and many more!  We all ate our scrummy new chocolate but then it was that time, we had to go.  As we all got onto the coach, feeling very full, none of us wanted to go!


Everyone who went on the Cadbury World trip would like to thank the Geography Department  for taking us.  We all had an amazing time!

By Camille Danielsen  7SP