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Pupils are given a choice at Key Stage Four.



Pupils can choose BTEC Dance with EDEXEL


This is an exciting new course being offered at Key Stage Four.


The course is worth 2 GCSEs.


The majority of the course is practical and focuses on Contemporary Dance as well as experiencing other styles of Dance such as Rock and Roll and Musical Theatre.


Pupils learn to perform in groups, duets and solos and will then perform in groups for assessment and public performances during the course.


There is no written examination! All the written work during the course, including self-evaluations, reviews and research projects, form a portfolio of evidence, which is marked by the teacher.


The three units over the course are:


1. Performing Dance – you will learn, rehearse and perform choreographed dances in different styles. “Throughout the unit you will review and evaluate your own work and that of others in rehearsal and performance, so that final performances can be successful.”


2. The Development of Dance – you will learn about the choreographic process (how to make dances) and how different dances have developed, “the range of dance styles that we experience and enjoy today is the result of a diverse and exciting journey of development which has taken place over many years.”


3. Contemporary Dance – you will improve your technical dance skills and demonstrate those skills in class work and in performance. “Contemporary dance technique is essential for anyone intending to work in choreography and performance or wishing to progress to higher qualification levels.”


Pupils are offered opportunities over the course to take part in exciting dance workshops led by professional dancers and to go and see dance live at the theatre.


Pupils have the opportunity as part of the course to perform in shows in such venues as The Memorial Hall, The Sherman Theatre and The Wales Millennium Centre.


Pupils can also choose Core Dance (two hours per fortnight), which offers pupils a fun Dance experience to keep fit and healthy – pupils experience a wide range of Dance styles from Musical Theatre to Rock and Roll, Line Dancing and Cheerleading.

Pupils at Key Stage Four and Five are offered the opportunity to follow the Dance Leaders Award (awarded by sports Leaders UK).

An exciting qualification that allows Dancers to put their skills to the test by leading dance activities for younger pupils.

The Dance Department..

Bryn Hafren holds an excellent reputation for Dance Education. It is the only school in the area that offers Dance taught by subject specialists, from Year 7, right through to GCSE and A Level. The curriculum focuses on developing PERFORMANCE, CHOREOGRAPHY AND APPRECIATION and the wider Key Skills, to provide a unique learning experience.

Pupils are offered a wealth of Dance opportunities through extra-curricular clubs, theatre trips and workshops. The pupils take part in Dance performances throughout the year, in school, in The Sherman Theatre, Cardiff and The Memorial Hall, Barry.

Students in the Sixth Form can continue their Dance Studies by opting for AS and A Level Dance.


This course focuses on Contemporary Dance and also includes Notation, Anatomy, Choreography and Dance Appreciation. Many past pupils have then gone on to further their Dance Studies at University or College.


Key Stage 4

Key Stage 5

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Key Stage 4

Pupils in Key Stage Three have two hours per fortnight.

Lessons focus on pupil’s creativity and aim to develop basic performance skills at the same time. Pupils experience a range of exciting themes and topics and use a variety of musical styles as accompaniment. They learn to comment on each other’s work through constructive criticism and they evaluate their own work to help them identify targets for improvement.