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We have a long tradition of creating published authors in the English department. Over the past few years many pupils have been published in the Young Writers Anthology, and this year Mrs Dix is proud to say that we had thirty pupils included in the Young Writers Anthology !  

She always welcomes new entries, so get your pens out and get published!

The English department has been responsible for Bryn Hafren winning several very prestigious public speaking awards!

Mrs Burd and Mrs Horton coach both junior and senior public speaking teams that regularly compete in the Rotary Club Youth Speaks!  and the Julian Hodge Bank/CEWC debates.

All that Speak Up training must be paying off, because  teams from Bryn Hafren have won these debates four times in the last six years.  A team from Bryn Hafren also came second in a national debating championship, an amazing achievement.  

If you are interested in joining either of the teams, see Mrs Burd or Mrs Horton.

Teachers from all over the Vale of Glamorgan have come together to share good ideas in CADRE groups. The English department has collaborated with these groups, and received very positive feedback from other schools.

The English Faculty

The English department is excited to announce that our score on the school inspection last year included a 1 for our teaching of Key Stage Three.

This is the highest score that the inspectors could give, and a score of which the department is very proud!

Key Stages Four and Five also had excellent results, with a score of 2 at each Key Stage.

School Inspection

Year 6 to Year 7

Transition from year six to year seven can be tricky for some pupils, and the English department is there to lend a helping hand.

As well as taking part in a transitional unit of work that pupils start in year six and finish in year seven, members of the English team have visited local primary schools to see our new year sevens being taught.

Primary teachers have come to visit us too, and we’ve all been delighted at seeing year six pupils become more confident in their English skills as they progress through year seven.

Published Student Authors

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