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History Department...

The department has 5 members of staff:

Mr G Aubrey,

Miss J Westcott,

Ms K Phillips,

Mr P Birch,


The department has 3 specialist rooms.

* To make the study of history enjoyable and engaging.

* To create a stimulating and active learning environment.

* To enable students to gain understanding of their world through the study of history.

* To develop a range of skills through the study of history.

Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 learn in mixed ability form groups with all pupils being taught by specialist history teachers. By the end of Key Stage 3 students will have studied a wide range of engaging topics developing their knowledge of Welsh, British and World history through varied activities.

Topics explored in Year 7 pupils include the Norman Conquest of England and Wales linked to a study of castles and the Black Death.

In Year 8 the dramatic religious changes made by the larger than life Tudor Monarchs and the Civil War are followed by an in depth study of the Slave Trade.

The importance of Wales in the Industrial Revolution links Years 8 and 9. Major 20th century events are the focus of Year 9, including Titanic and World War 1. The Key Stage is completed by an in depth study of ‘Persecution and Prejudice’.

History is a popular and successful option subject at GCSE offering a relevant WJEC modern world history course.

Year 10 pupils study in depth USA 1910-1929 and Germany 1929 to 1945.

In Year 11 an outline study of the USA, 1929 – 1990 is undertaken, with a focus on race relations and America’s role in the world. There is also a coursework module, which investigates aspects of Britain in World War 2 and is worth 25% of the overall GCSE grade.


All pupils are entered for the same examination at the end of Year 11, which allows all pupils to potentially achieve the highest grades.

At AS/A2 level History is very successful subject with 2 teaching groups in Years 12 and 13.


The emphasis is on modern history with a period study of Europe, c.1878 – 1990 which builds on the GCSE course by studying dictators like Mussolini and Stalin and conflicts from World War 1 through to the ending of the Cold War.


This supplemented by an in depth study of Britain, c. 1929 – 1939. The modules give pupils the opportunity to spread their examinations across the two year course.

Key Stage 5


• Module HY1 on the causes, events and impact of World War 1, along with a study of Mussolini and his various policies is examined in June of Year 12

• Module HY2 on Britain 1929 to 1939 is examined in June of Year 12


• Module HY4 focuses on the causes, events and impact of World War 2 and subsequent Cold War, along with a synoptic question for both European and British History,  which is examined in June of Year 13.

• Module HY3 is a British history coursework to which a substantial amount of class time is allocated.

The aims of the department are :

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