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Bryn Hafren Comprehensive School

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We have installed an electronic registration system which also enables us to send emails and text messages to parents about attendance etc.


At the moment we are investigating

the possiblity of using Netbooks in the classroom and also considering installing wireless hotspot technology to enable students and teachers to have filtered access to the internet.


We have recently been installing several interactive whiteboards in appropriate subjects.


We are now in the process of replacing / extending our fibre optic network to Design & Technology and Music as part of ongoing refurbishment.

The school has been networked using fibre-optic cable to provide one gigabit connections, this enables any computer to transfer data around the network very quickly.


The school has modern dedicated servers and 11 networked rooms.

Individual rooms have their own projector and computer. Some subjects have their own small networked computer areas.


Staff and students can print to a variety of printers including photocopiers.


In order to serve the needs of the students and staff we have over 600 modern working computers which are upgraded on a regular rolling program.


All computers can access the internet.

We have a separate system to limit the inappropriate use of the internet.


We also have a business class wireless system.

ICT Development

Designed to remove cash from the school meals process:-


Pupils and Staff are issued with an 'Electronic Tag' which can be credited before buying food.


It has advantages for parents, who can get a print-out of what the credited amount has been spent on.


If pupils lose their Tags they can purchase a new Tag from staff at the canteen.

Any lost Tags can be 'hot-listed’ to prevent fraudulent use.

Smart TAGS

Old working computers are sent to charities and abroad to help 3rd world Countries.

Non working computers are usually repaired or their parts recycled.

An email system is used to reduce the use of paper for messages around the school.

Ongoing Developments

The Environment

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