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AS /A2 Level

At A Level, we offer the Applied GCE ICT.

This is a vocational course that requires the students to use all of their IT skills to produce systems for specific clients.

The course is made up of six units of work over the two years.

Each unit will result in a portfolio of work, four to be completed as regular coursework and two to be completed in controlled conditions but there is no theory or written exam.

Each unit carries an equal weighting towards the final grade at the end of year 13.

Unit 1 – ICT and Society
  a look at how ICT affects us all

Unit 2 – ICT and Organisations
  investigation into how businesses use ICT

Unit 3 – Data Handling
  building an advanced database system for a client
Unit 8 – Project Management
  working as part of a team to complete a project

Unit 10 – Advanced Spreadsheet Design
  building a spreadsheet system for a client

Unit 14 – Interactive Multimedia
  designing and building an Interactive Multimedia package