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Bryn Hafren Comprehensive School

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Faculty of Learning Support

The Department is open every lunch time.


We provide a SMASH club after school.  A fun time for everyone who wants to improve their basic skills.


‘Open door’ every Wednesday afternoon for parents/carers with concerns about learning/behaviour.

Students are assessed on a regular basis and given Basic Skills Support using individualised programmes.

Primary School Links

We aim to know the learning needs of every individual before they transfer to Bryn Hafren.

We are a fully inclusive school.  

All pupils are taught in mainstream classes.    

The level and type of support offered depends on the individual needs of the pupil.

In class support

Students are taught as normal in lessons. Where required an LSA (learning support assistant) will support the student with their classwork.

Students are also withdrawn from lessons for approx 30minutes to follow individual programmes. However, they are not withdrawn from the same subjects this ensures that they do not fall behind in any one subject.


Behaviour Support

The faculty also helps with behaviour problems assisting students with problems in the classroom.

Staff awareness of pupils learning needs.

Staff are made fully aware of the students learning needs through the use of confidential registers which provide staff with only the information that they need to know.

Sixth Form reading scheme

Sixth formers volunteer to be paired with sudents to help with their reading development.

Learning & Mentoring coaches

Coaches are assigned to help students stay on track with their school work etc.

Many teachers offer their time to work with students on a one to one basis.



Learning Support is situated in it's own area comprising of 2 main classrooms with their own computer suites.


There is an additional area for one to one sessions and discussions etc.


The head of Faculty also has an office as part of the Learning Support facilities.


Several Learning support assistants are employed by the school to work with the students on their individual programmes in lessons and on a one to one basis in the Learning Support area.


ICT is used extensively alongside other strategies to enhance the students skills and provide rewards to encourage success.

One of the most used ICT programs is Successmaker.


SuccessMaker delivers individualised learning in maths, reading, writing and spelling for students aged 5 - 14 years.  Each student has a learning programme continuously tailored to personal needs; all students progress at their own level and pace and are free to achieve within the security of their own private learning space.


Learners, teachers and mentors are supported throughout the process by sophisticated diagnosis of achievement and difficulty, delivered through continuously differentiated learning resources and clear, detailed reporting.