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The Department

Media Studies

Media Studies is a subject which is offered at G.C.S.E. AS and A2 level.

Media students have attained very good results with some outstanding pieces of coursework being produced.


The material studied is lively and varied and involves a range of learning activities. The main topics being Advertising, Print Media, Film and Popular Music.


The department has developed an excellent range of resources and the subject is taught in well-equipped rooms and gives the pupils opportunities to use digital film and editing equipment.

The department is involved in whole school and extra-curricular activities which have included the filming of department events and producing their own films.

Film Studies is a new subject, being taught at AS/A2 level . The subject offers a wide genre of films to be studied and encourages students to use their previous knowledge of film to engage and challenge their development in the subject.

The department has an impressive library of films which are available for use throughout the school.

As part of the course pupils are given numerous opportunities to visit various venues for film projection, and encouraged to continue with this development as part of their Independent Study.  

The coursework is varied, from script writing, film planning to actually filming and editing a short film.

Film Studies

The department is also associated with the Media 4 schools company and have had experiences with using professional equipment and filming at the BBC studios.

Media pupils have enjoyed some hugely successful visits, including Red Dragon radio, BBC studios Llandaff and several cinema visits.

The department is also becoming involved with the new conception of local radio.