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The Geography Department at Bryn Hafren Comprehensive School would like to give Dave from Animal Zone UK a BIG THANK YOU. On the 26th January 2012 Dave came for a special visit to Bryn Hafren to talk to Year 8 pupils about the animals from the Rainforest. The Rainforest only covers 2% of the earth’s surface but holds more than 50% of the worlds different animal species, What made this day so interesting and exciting for the pupils is that Dave brought a large range of animals that live within the Rainforest Environment. Each of the animals Dave cares for has been rescued and re-homed. Through his unique talk and handling of the reptile animals the pupils had a day they will never forget.


The day started at 8:50 with lesson one and continued for five lessons throughout the day. Every pupil in Year 8 had the opportunity to come and meet, hold and stroke the animals, The pupils had the opportunity not only just to hold the animals but to learn about how they have adapted to living in such an extreme and fragile environment. The pupils were also reminded of the importance of protecting the rainforest, as each second a piece of the rainforest the size of a football pitch is being destroyed. It is estimated that if people continue to destroy it at the current pace there will be no Rainforest left in forty years time.


The pupils were really engaged with Dave’s passion and love for the animals. Each session started with some smaller bugs, and gradually the animals got larger. It started with some giant cockroaches and millipedes. This was followed by some scorpions and giant toads. Next came a range of lizards, Kiaser the bearded dragon and Oscar the gentle giant. Finally there was a Corn snake, a Sinolean Milk snake, some small pythons and one large ten and a half foot python. By the time the snakes arrived the pupils had built up enough confidence and were able to take on the challenge of holding them. Through his unique teaching approach and passion for the animals all of the pupils gradually overcame any fears. By the end of each show the pupils were holding the pythons around their necks or in groups.


At the end of each session the pupils were left in awe of the Rainforest Animals, left with a challenge of ‘Saving the Rainforest ‘and an importance understanding that animals are a long-term commitment. Dave’s approach with the pupils was amazing and they will be talking about this day for the rest of the year. A Big Thank You from the Geography Department at Bryn Hafren Comprehensive School.


The day the JUNGLE came to Bryn Hafren!