In Key Stage 4, the Science GCSE is comprised of Biology, Chemistry and Physics


Pupils gain a GCSE qualification at the end of year 10 and another at the end of year 11

Other than the end of module exams, coursework and practical 'can-do' tasks contribute to the overall grades. Can-do tasks are an opportunity to try more practical activities, such as deciding what's best for removing nail varnish, measuring blood pressure and making scale models of the solar system



Why are some people more prone to catching colds? Why is it you can't stop yourself from blinking? Have you ever wondered why we are all different and why children from the same parents can differ so much? Biology allows us to understand how our bodies work



Why do most foods need to be cooked? Why are wars fought over oil? Where did all the different materials that we use on a daily basis come from? The study of chemistry helps us to understand why different materials behave the way they do



Most people can’t be without their mobile phone these days. Ever wondered how exactly they work? Physics can explain this, as well as answering some fundamental questions about the beginnings of the Universe and how intelligent life evolved on Earth