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Bryn Hafren Comprehensive School

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A Hive of Activity – Throughout the Day


The LRC is not just a library  with thousands of the latest fiction and non-fiction books. It is also a relaxing area of the school where pupils can use our Internet connected computers to word process their work and research using the World Wide Web.

All computers give pupils access to their own area where they can save their work. They also give access to the ‘shared’ area where each subject stores research materials and helpful links to school approved websites.  

We run regular competitions to encourage reading for pleasure and poetry writing.

Outside events are often held in the LRC and there are also several after school clubs held here too.


 Question: Where can your child study?

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 Answer: The LRC - Learning Resource Centre

This is Mrs Morgan, our LRC manager.

She is always at hand to help you with research, ICT and of course, books

The LRC is open to pupils before school, at break time, lunch and for an hour after school.

Lesson time is often booked in the LRC by teachers, to allow pupils to word process their work, or to research using books and other resources, including the Internet.