welsh name

Welsh is a popular language with excellent examination results at all key stages that enjoys a high profile within Bryn Hafren.

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The Welsh Department are very active in promoting the importance of learning Welsh.

As well as an Urdd Club there are annual trips to the Urdds residential activity centres at Llangrannog and Glanllyn.

The annual Welsh Week is an event that celebrates Wales and being Welsh. During this week there are lots of fun activities for all year groups and Welsh assemblies.
At the end of this week the school Eisteddfod is held which is very popular with students.

Teachers in fancy dress on the European Day of languages 2006

The Welsh department believe that supporting students is vital. Every week there is a Welsh drop in club for pupils from all year groups where they can get extra.

Pupils are given a range of opportunities to interact in Welsh. There is a pen pal scheme where pupils can use the language to communicate with students in other schools.
Pupils are given the opportunity to meet other Welsh students in Eurodisney where they hold the annual St David s day celebrations. 

European Day of Languages September 2006